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May 2021 EVENTS - 04/05/2021

Micro Analysis

04 May, 2021

For General Information only. Not Intended to Provide Trading or Investment Advice. Your Capital is at Risk.

  • US ISM Manufacturing PMI (April) (May 3rd at 15:00 GMT+1)

March’s PMI printed at 64.7. The consensus forecast for April is 64.9.

Possible influence: Volatile US Dollar, Gold and US Stocks

  • Bank of England Meeting (May 6th at 12:00 GMT+1)

Bank of England expected to leave rates unchanged at their current rate of 0.10%.

Possible Influence: Volatile GBPUSD

  • U.S. Unemployment Rate and Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) (April) (May 7th at 13:30 GMT+1)

The Unemployment rate for March was 6.0%. It is expected to fall to 5.8% in April. Non-Farm Payrolls are expected to print up 980,000 for April, up from a rise of 780,000 in March.

Possible Influence: Volatile US Dollar, Gold and US Stocks

  • Inflation data in US (April) (May 12th at 13:30 GMT+1)

Core CPI (excluding food and energy) was 0.6%, Month-over-Month in March. CPI for March was 0.3%, Month-over-Month. April’s numbers are expected to come in at 0.4% and 0.2% respectively.

Possible Influence: Volatile US Dollar, Gold and US Stocks

  • Retail Sales in US (April) (May 14th at 13:30 GMT+1)

Retail Sales rose 9.8%, Month-over-Month, in March. They are forecast to rise 3.0%, Month-over-Month in April.

Possible Influence: Volatile US Dollar, Gold and US Stocks

  • US GDP Growth Rate 1st Quarter, 2nd reading (May 27th at 13:30 GMT+1)

The United States will post the second reading of its 1st Quarter of 2021 GDP results. The first reading was up 6.4%, Quarter-over-Quarter. The 4th Quarter of 2020 saw GDP rise 4.3%, Quarter-over-Quarter.

Possible Influence: Volatile US Dollar, Gold and US Stocks

  • US EARNINGS SEASON (May, 2021)

Earnings season continues in May. Some of the major companies scheduled to report their quarterly earnings in May are Berkshire Hathaway, Moderna, Uber, Ferrari, Virgin Galactic, Disney, AirBnB, Walmart, Paypal, Tilray, Alibaba, and Nvidia.

Possible Influence: US Stocks and Indices

  • U.S. Stimulus (May)

President Biden has put forward two different large spending proposals that could be debated in the U.S. Congress in May. They are his $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill and his $1.8 trillion family act. Both proposals face resistance from the Republicans and even some members of his own party. He will need every Democrat on board to have a chance at passing these massive spending and tax bills.

Possible Influence: Volatile US Stocks and Indices, Global Stocks and Indices, Commodities, Currencies

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