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Market Opportunities - 10/09/2021

10 September, 2021

The example below uses Contracts For Difference (CFDs). Calculations are only on the price of the specific instrument on the date below and calculations indicate a possible opportunity for profit or loss. No representation or warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of this information, consequently any person acting on it does so entirely at their own risk.

Moderna weekly uptrend opportunity based On 1.00 Lot Calculation:

  • Moderna is a biotechnology company that specializes in mRNA vaccines. Moderna is one of the leading providers of COVID-19 vaccines in the world. Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine is one of the most effective on the market.
  • NEWS: Moderna reported its 2nd Quarter Financial Results on August 5th. Its quarterly revenue rose to $4.4 billion compared to only $67 million during the same quarter a year ago. Moderna’s revenue growth rate is spectacular.
  • NEWS: Moderna is developing a 2-in-1 booster shot to combat both the seasonal flu and act as a booster shot for COVID-19.
  • NEWS: The Biden Administration just issued a new order that all Federal employees must get vaccinated or they will be terminated from work. The order also applies to major companies that are granted Federal contracts. The buzz phrase is, “No jab, no job.” Biden is also asking his Department of Labor to mandate vaccines for employees of all large companies (100 employees or more).
  • Statistics: Only 41.3% of the global population has received one dose of vaccine. Only 50.6% of the United States is fully vaccinated. Over 80 million Americans alone have still not received a vaccine. Poor countries have a vaccination rate around 1.9%. That means there are billions more vaccines that need to be distributed. Moderna has demonstrated its Covid vaccine is one of the most effective in the world, including against the latest Delta variant, and it has been proven effective in young adults 12 to 17.
  • NEWS: The United States Food and Drug Administration is expected to grant full approval to the Moderna vaccine by October. The Pfizer vaccine has already been awarded full approval. Moderna filed its initial request for full approval on June 1st. Once given full approval businesses and schools will have more power to mandate customers, employees, and students get vaccinated or be denied entry. Full approval would drive vaccine demand higher.

(#Moderna), September 10, 2021
Current Price: 450.00



Trend direction


Resistance 3


Resistance 2


Resistance 1


Support 1


Support 2


Support 3


Example of calculation base on weekly trend direction for 1.00 Lot*


Pivot Points

Resistance 3

Resistance 2

Resistance 1

Support 1

Support 2

Support 3

Profit or loss in $







Profit or loss in €*







Profit or loss in £**







Profit or loss in C$**







* 1.00 lot is equivalent of 1000 units
** Calculations for exchange rate used as of 08:55 (GMT+1) 10/09/2021
Fortrade recommends the use of Stop-Loss and Take-Profit, please speak to your Client Manager regarding their use.
*** You may wish to consider closing your position in profit, even if it is lower than suggested one

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