Forex – CFD Weekly Microanalysis - US Retail Sales

  • Release Date: Thursday, 14.12.2017.
  • Release time: 13:30 (GMT)

  • US Retail Sales

    US Core retail sales

  • Previous: 0.1%
  • Forecast: 0.7%

  • US Retail Sales

  • Previous: 0.2%
  • Forecast: 0.3%

  • US Retail Sales is a report that shows changes in sales volume in retail shops on a monthly level. It is released two weeks after the end of the relevant month (data is related to the previous month). It is published by United States Department of Commerce. Retail volume is one of the indicators of consumption. Consequently, as an indicator of consumer consumption and consumer trust, it can serve as a guide for currency market. This indicator is divided to: "car sales" and "sales of everything else". Since the number of vehicles is a very unstable value, the more accurate information can be derived form from the part that does not include "car sales", that is to say, US Core retail sales.

    The growth in retail sales is a positive factor for the development of the national economy i can lead to the increase in the value of the national currency. This indicator reflects the strength of consumer demand. Its growth indicates the increase in production of goods, strengthening of the economy and the currency. Retail sales accounts to nearly two-thirds of US economy which makes this report even more important.


    Better than expected retail sales data can have a positive effect on US Dollar. As a result, EUR/USD currency pair can drop in value. After the US Retail Sales report was released in October 2017, EUR/USD currency pair lost in value as a reaction to better then expected retail sales data.

    At the time the retail sales data was released, the price of Gold fell by 0.92% as a reaction to the strengthening of US Dollar.

    The next report will show data related to November. It is expected that retail sales grow by 0.3%. The previous report for October 2017 showed that retail sales grew by 0.2%.

    The following illustrates price movements of three analysed instruments after previous releases.

    EUR/USD (Euro vs US Dollar Currency Pair)

    Microanalysis EUR/USD 1

    Price movements in the EUR/USD currency pair following the release of the previous report:

    Microanalysis EUR/USD 2 * Hourly chart.

    Gold Futures

    Microanalysis GOLD 1

    Price movements in gold futures following the release of the previous report:

    Microanalysis GOLD 2 * Hourly chart.

    Crude Oil (CL)

    Microanalysis CRUDE OIL 1

    Price movements in crude oil following the release of the previous report:

    Microanalysis CRUDE OIL 2 * Hourly chart.

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