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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 77% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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AI in Forex: Unveiling the Possibilities in Currency Markets

Explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing currency trading, revealing new pathways for enhanced decision-making and potential profit in the forex market.

Marcel Deer - Writer for Fortrade
By Marcel Deer
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Edited by Petar Milenkovic

Published February 22, 2024.

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AI in forex is, quite literally, the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to the foreign exchange market. It involves using algorithms to generate trading signals, analyze data, and automatically execute trades.

In 2009, the Federal Reserve published a study that revealed that an algorithm automated more than 50% of all forex trades. This was way before the AI boom. Now that AI seems to be everywhere, that rate has increased to 92% per the latest estimates.

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Understanding AI in Forex

AI refers to machines that can “learn” from large amounts of data to reason and make decisions without specific instructions or programming.

In the forex context, AI could potentially improve trading speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the following ways:

  1. Forex traders can use AI to analyze real-time forex market data, identify patterns, predict market trends, and generate trading signals.
  2. Then, a trading robot or forex trading bot automatically executes the trades based on predetermined instructions. Technically, these trading bots buy and sell currency pairs when price action, indicators, or other preselected tools trigger specific signals. Trading bots can also open and close many trades rapidly, making them appealing to institutional traders.
  3. APIs (application programming interfaces) then integrate with market monitoring software to receive inputs. The API outputs buy and sell commands through your brokerage account to execute a trading plan.

Many traders prefer trading bots to eliminate the emotional aspect of trading and make more level-headed trading decisions. As you may already know, trading is a high-risk activity that often triggers impulsive decisions, especially when speed is required.

Examples of AI for Forex Trading

If you’d like to try out an AI-based forex platform, consider using an established one thoroughly reviewed by the tech community. You don’t want some fly-by-night platform handling your trading decisions. We also recommend asking your prospective forex broker these 4 essential questions.

  • Trusted forex platforms like Fortrade are now integrated with automated AI analytics-based technical analysis tools like Trading Central. So, if you’re already a Fortrade user, consider leveraging this feature to help you with your trades.
  • is a highly-rated AI chatbot that can automate forex trades. You only need to input your trading commands in plain English, and the platform can automatically translate this into a custom automated trading algorithm that you can use.
  • RoboForex is another AI-powered forex trading platform with tools and resources you can use for forex trading.

Potential Advantages of AI in Forex Trading

1. Increased Efficiency and Speed in Data Analysis and Trade Execution

AI could help you make better trading decisions, especially when the market changes. These tools allow you to analyze large quantities of market data that would otherwise be too overwhelming. With AI, you can access accurate and reliable research without needing to pore over a lot of information, giving you a comprehensive understanding of market conditions.

Automated forex trading also offers traders the convenience of doing business virtually anywhere in the world, whenever they choose.

2. Potentially Better Prediction of Market Movements

AI can also aid in predicting market movements, especially since bots can quickly identify trends and patterns that would otherwise be too tedious to do on our own. As such, it could lower the margin of error when trading and may eliminate the risk of trading losses due to wrong decisions, which could be convenient for pattern day traders.

You can also manage risk better with the help of AI’s real-time risk assessment capabilities and warning functions. With such features, you can recognize issues that may cause problems and take action immediately.

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3. Potential for Uncovering Hidden Patterns and Exploiting Trading Possibilities

AI technology can also help traders uncover hidden market patterns and understand how different instruments are moving. Such information can be used to make more accurate predictions about the market’s future movements.

Some pattern-detection features that make AI more thorough than traditional methods are pattern recognition and predictive analytics, to name a few.

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Potential Risks of AI in Forex Trading

It's worth noting that while AI-powered technologies offer some advantages, they also come with some limitations:

  • AI still needs a bit of human supervision, especially since current technologies are still susceptible to “hallucinating", which is when AI churns out information that doesn’t make sense or is incorrect.
  • Over-reliance on historical data, especially since machine learning entails that these models be trained on large amounts of data, can be disadvantageous in light of sudden geopolitical conflicts that may affect market conditions.

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Future of AI in Forex

Experts believe AI and machine learning will continue revolutionizing the forex trading landscape. With the increasing availability of data, AI-powered tools will become even more advanced.

As machine learning technologies develop and become more sophisticated, AI-powered forex trading will continue to evolve, allowing for faster, more accurate decision-making and better risk management capabilities.