Fortrade Rollover Rates

Fortrade handles rollovers according to the rates determined by the markets, without adding any additional charges or fees to your trading positions. These are set at various dates throughout the year, depending on the specific tradable product.

On the date of the Rollover your existing trade is closed and a new trade is opened. This means that you will pay the relevant spread for the closure and reopening of trades as set out in the Trading Conditions.

To view Rollover Rates for tradable instruments that have been recently rolled over into new contracts, simply click here.

For your convenience, here is a listing of official rollover dates planned for this month. Please notice that we roll over CFDs on the Sunday before the mentioned dates.

Any existing pending order(s) (i.e. Stop Loss or Take Profit) placed on an instrument will be cancelled and it is your responsibility to put them in place on the new contract.