Swap Free Islamic Account

Sharia-compliant forex trading account for followers of Islam.

Clients following the Muslim faith can open a forex & CFD trading account without any rollover interests on overnight positions (=swap interests). The reason for the Islamic Account is to avoid the need for paying and receiving interest which is prohibited in Islam.

Minimum balance of $2000 applies. (Excluding bonuses)

How to open a Swap Free Islamic Account?

Open a Fortrade Account on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

– Complete the full registration process (and send us your supporting ID documents).

– Send email to support@fortrade.com with request for Swap Free Islamic Account.


Spreads on Swap Free Groups:

  • *USD/TRY 12 pips during the day and 20 at night
  • *EUR/TRY 17 pips during the day and 30 at night
  • *GBP/TRY 29 pips during the day and 54 at night
  • *GAUTRY 100 points markup (Effecting also the USDRUB)* These 4 pips markups are also effecting the following symbols: AUDNZD, EURDKK, EURNZD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPNZD, USDDKK, EURNOK, EURHUF, EURILS, EURPLN, EURSEK, EURZAR, GBPSGD, USDCNH, USDHUF, USDILS, USDMXN, USDNOK, USDPKN, USDSEK, USDZAR)
  • **If there is a system abuse – Fortrade can cancel the Islamic account and close any open trades at its discretion.
  • ***Standard lot = 100,000 units of base currency when trading FX pairs; 1,000 when trading GAUTRY, and 100 when trading GOLDTRY.
  • ****All open positions held at the time 00.00 GMT on Thursday morning will have a commission taken pro rata for every lot:
  • GAUTRY – 300 points (only long positions)
  • GOLDTRY – 600 points (only long positions)
  • TRYBASK – 75 pips (only long positions)
  • USDRUB – 1100 pips (only long positions)
  • USDTRY – 75 pips (only long positions)
  • EURTRY – 95 pips (only long positions)
  • GBPTRY– 105 pips (only long positions)
  • ZAR pairs – 120 pips (only long positions)
  • HUF pairs – 30 pips (only long positions)
  • MXN pairs – 90 pips (only long positions)
  • AUD pairs – 8 pips (only short)


Please contact us if you need any further information on the markup charges and how they apply to the Swap Free Islamic Account.