How do I withdraw bonus funds?

August 29, 2016

In order to withdraw bonus funds, it is required to first reach a trading volume of 10,000 £/€/$ for each 1 £/€/$ bonus received. Only then will all funds be available for withdrawal. Terms & conditions apply. Please see the “Bonus Terms and Conditions” in the link below:

For example, if you have a bonus of £30 and your trading volume has reached a total amount of £300,000 (i.e., a multiplication of the £30 bonus by £10,000), it is then possible to withdraw the 30£ bonus.

It is possible to follow the trading volume accomplished at “Closed Trades” in the platform’s menu and export it to an excel file, then click on the “Amount” column and in the bottom, there is the total sum of trading volume.

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