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Pip-Squeak Pop

Pip-Squeak Pop

What is a Pip-Squeak pop?

When a stock price shows a moderate, but not extreme increase, in a relatively short period of time, this is known as a Pip-Squeak pop. Not to be confused with a Champagne stock, which is a stock whose value has shown an extremely dramatic increase, a Pip-Squeak pop is generally considered to be an increase of 25-50% over a period of days or weeks.

How does Pip-Squeak pop affect forex traders?

Pip-Squeak pop recognizes an uptrend in a stock price, but should not be seen as a “sure-fire” investment. While the price is certainly worth a close watch, and may continue to rise, it could also peak, or even reverse direction, thus disappointing investors who saw it as the next potential Champagne stock. A solid fundamental and technical analysis can be very helpful in determining whether a Pip-Squeak pop stock is a wise investment or a bubble ready to burst.

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