Australian dollar (AUD) to United States dollar (USD) exchange rate.

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The US dollar and the Australian dollar are among the world’s major currencies – the former holds the number one spot, the later reigns in the sixth. AUD/USD represents the amount of US dollars needed to buy one Australian dollar. Despite being a relatively small country (51st largest in terms of population), Australia has a total nominal GDP of $1.483 trillion, making it the 12th largest economy in the world. The country enjoys extensive international trading activities which are primarily attributed to its being both the 19th-largest importer and exporter in the world, and to its government’s non-interference policy and high interest rates. The Aussie dollar (also referred to as ‘buck’ or ‘dough’) is considered a “commodity currency” due to its close ties to the country’s abundantly-available raw materials sector which includes, among others, agriculture, forestry, fishery and mining.     

Interesting Facts:

  • Australia is known as the Land of Plenty. Immensely rich in natural resources, it is one of the worlds’ top exporters of metals, minerals and agriculture commodity products.
  • USD – the official currency of the largest and wealthiest economy in the world – is involved in over 90% of all global currency transactions.
  • AUD/USD is within the top 8 most popular currency pairs, and makes up a substantial share of the foreign exchange market.
  • Australia's export efforts are directed mainly to Northeast and West Asia: third of which to China, a fifth to Japan, and another fifth to South Korea and India.