CFD on the daily spot price of reformulated RBOB gasoline (GASOLINE).

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Product Type: Energy CFD
Currency Type: USDMeasurement Unit: Gallons
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Gasoline is mainly used as fuel for various land, sea and air vehicles, portable power tools, and generators. Gasoline is a byproduct of Crude Oil so there is usually a high degree of correlation between the two instruments. Many refineries for gasoline are located in the US Gulf Coast, so weather-related issues can push up the price. Gasoline is also taxed quite heavily in different countries due to environmental concerns, so this is a factor worth considering when trading the instrument.
Interesting Facts:
  • The United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia are the top 3 producers of crude oil, of which gasoline is derived
  • The United States, China and Japan are the countries with the highest demand for gasoline. Demand in the US and China in particular can lead to volatility in gasoline prices.