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British pound sterling (GBP) to Swiss franc (CHF) exchange rate.

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GBP/CHF reflects the value of the British pound sterling (GBP) against the Swiss franc (CHF) or, in other words, the amount of CHF needed to buy one pound. Both the GBP and CHF currencies have a significant purchasing power and trading volume. Together, they represent the adjustments to the changing economic strengths of the UK and Switzerland – two of the wealthiest and most influential countries on earth. Among the factors that can affect the GBP/CHF are the differences between the monetary policies and measures of the Bank of England (BOE) and Swiss National Bank (SNB), as well as the far-reaching and long-lasting trading relationship between the two countries (both of which play leading roles in the global currency market).

Interesting Facts:

  • Both GBP and CHF are among the most frequently traded currencies in the world; the GBP/CHF is a top-20 currency exchange pair.
  • Britain pound sterling is the 4th most actively traded currency in the foreign exchange market, after the US dollar, the euro, and the Japanese yen. It is also one of the world’s primary reserve currencies.
  • Switzerland's franc is one of the only major currencies that remains to this day fixed to the gold standard. This makes it highly trusted and preferred by foreign investors.
  • Switzerland's market economy is exceptionally peaceful, prosperous and safe, and enjoys a particularly low unemployment rate, a highly skilled labor force and one of the world’s top ten highest per capita GDP.
  • London, the capital of England and the UK, is considered the most significant financial center in the world, with nearly 30% of all daily foreign exchange transactions taking place on its stock exchange.