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US30Y Bond

CFD on the United States 30-Year Treasury Bond (30Y_T-BOND)

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Product Type: US Treasury Securities
Country: United States (US)Currency: USD
Trading Hours: According to marketMeasurement Unit: Contracts
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The US 30-Year Treasury Bond is a U.S. Treasury debt obligation that has a maturity of 30 years when it expires from the issue date. Those securities pay interest at certain rates until they mature. One the bond has matured the investor is paid the value of the bond. The 30-year Treasury tends to pay a higher interest rate than shorter Treasuries due to extra risk involved in longer maturity. Important data from Economic Calendar such as FOMC meetings, GDP in the USA, non-farm payrolls, retail sales and inflation rate can have an effect on U.S. Treasury bonds. You can trade on the 30YT-BOND through CFDs which will allow you to speculate on the price of an underlying asset.

Interesting Facts:

  • Bonds (the asset itself, not trading CFDs) are sold in increments of $100 and the minimum purchase is $100.
  • Treasury Bonds are relatively safe assets since they are backed by the US government.
  • The price and interest rate of the 30 year Treasury bond is decided at an auction.